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The Rebel Wheel Sheet Music

If you're interested in seeing the written scores for the music we do you can download copies here. Some of them are the original versions that were subsequently changed after taking them on the road or arranging them collectively, and some are really nothing more than lead sheets, or in some cases rough sketches but they are mostly accurate and kind of interesting for the people into that sort of thing.

Songs from CD1 "The Rebel Wheel"

Thunder Herd

Organ Grinder

Mobius Strip


1OZ Bass

1OZ Bass Tab

1OZ Drum Score

Crystal Rain Suite Selection 1

Crystal Rain Suite Selection 2

Crystal Rain Suite Selection 3

Songs from CD2 "Diagramma"


Three Valley Gap

Hiding In Waiting



Songs from CD2 "We are in the Time of Evil Clocks"

Evil Clocks Part1


Settling of Bones

Discoverie-Convent Keyboard Chart

Discoverie-Convent Bass Tab

Discoverie-Mad Night Full Score

Discoverie-Mad Night Keyboard Chart

Discoverie-Mad Night Bass Tab

Discoverie-Invitation to the Dance Full Score

Discoverie-Cavort keyboard Chart

Discoverie-Cavort Bass Tab

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