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The Rebel Wheel Reviews

We have collected most of the reviews we receieved from both Diagramma and Evil Clocks. The first album receieved some glowing praise but we didn't think to keep any of it. The other two though made a fair splash and we're proud to say we went over pretty well. Diagramma had nothing but great reviews, but Evil Clocks got a few scathing reviews. Even at that, easily 90% of them were positive. See for yourself (the two you need to translate will give you a good idea of who is who!). We have set the reviews up according to the albums and have a page for each. Some of the links expire and renew so we copied the text for as many as we could find.

We would like to thank everyone who took time to listen to our stuff and write up their impressions, good or bad. It really is quite flattering to think of all the reviewers getting involved with our releases. Kudos!

The Rebel Wheel Reviews

Our initial release and long out of print CD, this album managed to get a few reviews, one stellar and so-so. Here they are.

Diagramma Reviews

The album went over very well and established us as an international act. From the release of the album we did gigs in France, Rosfest, Prog Day, Prog In The Park, Nuance, Progtoberfest (1,2,3), contributed tracks to the Decammaron Project (2 and 3), Gorgg (1,2,3), and have played in literally hundreds of bars, theatres and private rooms all over North America!

Evil Clocks

The buzz for this album was considerable and we were honoured to get so many reviews so quickly. The music was probably a bit more dissonant than most were expecteing given the Symph-Prog sonics of the previous, but the critics seemed to like it and we have loved performing it.

Rebel Wheel Live

We love playing live. People seem to like it too. We haven't really collected a lot of reviews (we never really know they are out there until we stumble on them). Here are a few.


Once you navigate to the review sub-site, you'll see links to an interview page. We have been lucky to been reviewed several times, but again, only had the presence of mind to keep the last few. They were well done though and we were honoured to do them. Here they are.