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Band Bio

Steeped in dark cinematic sound-scapes and complex, turn-on-a-dime arrangements, The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of angular rock aggression, jazz phrasing, complex harmonies and unpredictable odd-meter vamps. Originally formed in 1991 as a fusionbased midi ensemble, the floating lineup has gradually solidified to the current four piece featuring guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, and the music has focused more on a modern, genre-blending punk-jazz and progressive rock approach.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, The Rebel Wheel consists of leader David Campbell on guitars vocals and keyboards; Alex Wickham on drums vocals and keyboards; Andrew Burns on bass, vocals and keyboards.

While The Rebel Wheel has experimented with more modern electronic elements and loops, their core sound is based on the dynamic interaction of real players and real instruments. At times large and dissonant, at other times lyrical and direct, The Rebel Wheel features strong playing, unique arrangements, unexpected sonics and a selfcontained compositional symmetry.

The band's most recent CD "Bag Of Snakes" was released by Germany's Rostfrei Records Records and is currently garnering rave reviews from around the globe. 287-2 Raglan Street South, Renfrew Ontario, K7V1R3 613-432-1985

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Review Quotes

"Beyond the typical realms of both prog and technical indie/college rock, The Rebel Wheel offers the best of both worlds possessing a hipness and a knack to move forward, with lyrical & melodic depth; and it's on their own terms." Tommy Hash for Ytsejam

"The Rebel Wheel takes the listener on a wild ride, creating one of the most adventurous albums I have heard this year. I have no doubt We are in the Time of Evil Clocks will be right up there with the best of 2010 come year end. It is that good and I urge all fans of progressive music to give it a spin as this is one album that deserves to be heard. Highly recommended." Jon Neudorf for Sea of Tranquility

"Listening to the record is akin to crawling inside the mind of a schizophrenic in the sense that the sound-scapes range from dark and dissonant horror-movie soundtrack one second, seamlessly shifting to light and contemplative the next, then into pure musical chaos and back again, often in the span of a single song. It's a breathtaking ride and not a little scary if truth be told." Kerry Kompost for Progressive Ears

"'We Are In The Time Of Evil Clocks' feels like a story, with different actors, sets and unforeseen plot changes. This outing is a bit like a concept album although not all the tracks fit one story. The fact that the impressive The Discovery of Witchcraft consists of seven parts, lasting more than half an hour, contributes to the movie-like sensation. In this epic, again heavy and large (mainly instrumental) parts are alternated with the dreamy, laid back vocal ones." Erik Laan for DPRP

"On this album, the band returns with a more eclectic sound. They're one of those few new bands that truly defy classification, especially since the don't sound like any current band I've ever heard. The sound on this album incorporates a dissonant and experimentation quality, found mainly (the Wetton years) of King Crimson. Imagine that era fronted by a female/male combination and you get an idea of what The Rebel Wheel sounds like." Ron Fuchs for PROGNAUT

"It contains so much I love about progressive music - modal jazz, interesting textures and studio treatments, dissonance, pervading darkness, great harmonies and melodies, and it sounds like a group effort; a bunch of musicians working together for a common cause, not ego-driven chopsters showing off." Frankie Camiola for Progressive Ears

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