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The Rebel Wheel Press

Here is where you can get up to date info on the Rebel Wheel's press releases, interviews, reviews and various other printed word and text outputs.

Rebel Wheel V8!

After several years of playing with different projects like The PepTides, The Rapids, Bag Of Snakes, and solo gigs, leader David Campbell decided to re-ignite the Rebel Wheel. He drafted the services of long-time alumni, Andrew Burns, and fellow Bag Of Snakes, PepTide drummer, Alex Wickham to complete the line-up.

The band is currently in rehearsals, dusting off old favorites as well as working out material for the 8th release, Simple Machines.

The music so far leans towards a harder edged sound incorporating some of the influences the three musicians brought to bear in their last band, "Bag Of Snakes". Expect some twisted odd-metered vamps (as usual) and some power trio sonics in this, the eighth iteration of the band.

Bag Of Snakes

Bag of Snakes originally was a side project David started to play more harder edged music than the bands he was currently in, all of whom had great members and songs, but didn't have the edge he was longing. So he assembled a band consisting of Alex Wickham and Andrew Burns and called the band and the album Bag of Snakes . As rehearsals progressed for the supporting gigs more and more Rebel Wheel material started seeping in until a year later, as David decided to re-start Rebel Wheel and asked both guys to join, it became obvious that the side project was really just another Rebel Wheel album. So now it is, although because of contracts and legal considerations it is still for sale at its own Bag Of Snakes page.

The Rebel Wheel signs with Rostfrei Records

In 2013 the band signed a deal with Germany's Rostfrei Records , the lable that released their original album back in 2003. Principal David Campbell said that "after working with a company in the US, we have come full circle and re-signed with the label who released our 1st CD". Says Campbell "These days so much of a band's earnings is from doing gigs. Playing anywhere in Canada is easy, but as soon as you start crossing the border with merch it becomes more and more difficult".

The band plans to release its latest album as downloads first and then manufacture a short run of CDs. "I personally like having CDs" Campbell explains, "but they really aren't the preferred medium anymore. Although we are an album act and I write music that really unfolds over a longer time-frame than pop, most people tend to prefer smart phones and i-Pod technology. We'll make the album available at i-Tunes and at Bandcamp first to suit that crowd and then look at a LP vinyl and CD release afterwards"

The band is preparing to record in the next few months and hope to have an album's worth of material ready by early 2019. They also are in meetings with a local video company to make videos for some of the songs. "youtube is really the current radio, and it makes more sense to do videos right now than ever expect any form of traditional radio play, not that we are in anyway "radio friendly". Regardless, our motto is, 'Keep it small, keep it local, and get it on the internet'".

The line-up expands

The Rebel Wheel has always had a floating line-up from as early as the Circus from Hell era. Last year the band decided to expand the circle of available musicians to draw on. Says leader David Campbell "in 2010 Aaron Clark and I were down to a duo for all intents and purposes. We drafted bassist-vocalist Guy Dagenais and had an amazing year as a "power trio". That was a side of the band we absolutely loved".

"On the other hand we have found that it is great to have lots of other players occasionally as well. The idea here then is to have the trio sound of (new bassist) Andrew Burns, Aaron and me as the core, and then supplement that as needs rise. Guy LeBlanc is a permanent member, but his date card can get easily filled. We then use PepTides maestro, Scott Irving on keys. Having two keyboard players in the band made us wonder what it would be like to have BOTH play the same gig. The beauty of it is we can go back to the album version of some songs, as even though they are often very subtle, there are a LOT of keyboard textures,so that re-creating the songs live has always meant a re-arrangement for trios and quartets.

"The idea blossomed from there and we wondered what it would be like to use lots of vocalists. Of course being in The PepTides myself, there are a lot of amazingly talented vocals already in my circle". The band plans to create a different line-up for each gig, "which we basically do anyway as members come and members go" and treat each one as a special event.