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The Rebel Wheel, A Photo History

The band has been doing gigs and saving pictures since 2003. We had batches but lost gigs and gigs of photos in a stupid archiving accident. Even still we have been able to salvage some lower-res versions from drives, servers etc. and have tried to put a somewhat conclusive timeline together. Most of the shots in the gallery came from unknown sources but we know Mark Keill, Chuck Ho, Karinne Legault, Joseph Whorg, Alan Benjamin and Mrs Claude Prince took quite a few of the ones we have recovered and used.

Along the way quite a few people have taken shots of the band. Karinne Legault is an Ottawa photographer who has several galleries of bands at her Flickr site. we're quite flattered that she took so many of us (a lot have been used in posters) as she is a talented photographer and all of her work is worth checking out.

Over the years we have had a lot of different posters done. As the line-up was (and is still) a fluid thing we have a lot of different people in similar looking posters. Basically by the time we designed a poster we really liked the lineup had changed so we often have two different band members in a similar poster design.

We have done quite a few albums since we started. Not all of the art is here, but a lot of it is. Eventually we hope to have all of it including the rough drafts and assembled process of proofs.

Finally, we have been doing designs for gig posters for years. We have two galleries of them, the first are posters for past gigs, the other are for posters for future gigs. They are usually just designs we like that we will edit when a gig comes up.

Rebel Wheel History in Photos

Karinne's concert shots 1

Karinne's concert shots 2

The band poster history

Album Art Gallery

Gig Poster Art Gallery 1

Gig Poster Art Gallery 2

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