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What's Brewing?

New Band

Yah, so what else is new? We change members all the time. This time long-time bassist Andrew Burns returns to the flock along with drummer Alex Wickham. Both lads were with David in his side project "Bag Of Snakes", and when it evolved into another Rebel Wheel album, the line-up evolved into the eighth iteration of The Rebel Wheel itself. The band did an amazing job at the Bag Of Snakes gigs we played and it seemed a natural progession to embrace The Rebel Wheel aesthetic. Go to our Simple Machines page to check out the new band.

New Gigs

The band is rehearsing right now, dusting off old songs, arranging new ones, re-approaching abandoned ones, re-purposing some favourites and reaching out to other bands for sharing gigs. Recently we talked to Montreal band, Between 11 and we are doing some gigs with them in the new year. The first is Feb 8th in Montreal at the bar le Ritz and the second is at Ottawa's Avant-Garde Bar. Check out Between 11's stuff here.

New Songs

The band is rehearsing right now for the new album called "Simple Machines". The The idea here was to create a series of motives that would operate like simple machines, from which we would build longer form compositions (as opposed to say writing a series of pieces called "Screw" "pulley" "lever" or "wedge" say, all of which tend to evoke sexual connotations for me). Coming up with motives was easy, simply because of the visual aspect of a guitar neck and of how notes look on paper. If you visualize a root, a b5 and a m7th (say C, F# and Bb) as a shape on guitar it kind of looks like a wedge. If you think of a series of tri-tones stacked up (C, F#, C, F#) it looks like an inclined plane both on a guitar neck and on paper. If you take a pattern like C to C8va, to A (down a m3) to Bb (down a ma7) to F (up m6) to F# (up semitone) to C# (down a 4th) to D (up a semitone) and put it in motion, it looks like a screw. You get the idea: the actual note patterns are visual more than aural. Go to our blog for more details.

New Reviews

Over the years we have gotten a lot of reviews. We have been squairreling them away for a few years and have added new ones to our already lengthy list. We have reviews for each album and now live reviews posted as well. We also have posted some interviews we did. They are all to be found on our reviews page.

New Blog

Or rather old blog resurrected. For years David has been writing a behind the scenes look at the band, their songs, and the many ups and downs of the line-up and their recording sessions. Recently, after a hiatus of several years, David decided to re-surrect the blog and write some more details (probably more than anyone cares to read) of the band in its new form. Read all about it at the Rebel Wheel Broadcasts.

New Videos

We have a video channel at youtube and we also embed them on our video page. Check here for the Rebel Wheel Broadcasts.