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Rebel Wheel On Site Media

Over the years we have quite a collection of videos, pictures, posters, audio recordings and a huge amount of art work created for the band both used and unused. This section of the website is all about that and is divided into two sections: video and pictures. We have links to off site locations that have our music and pictures.

Video: The Rebel Wheel Broadcasts

We have been fairly lucky that many people have taken videos of the band over the years. We have started video channels on Youtube and Vimeo and are posting our collection of videos culled from the kind audience members who have sent them to us. We also have an on-site channel of embedded videos here

Photo Gallery

With the evolution of smart phone technology comes a massive amount of photos. We had a fairly extensive collection that unfortunately was wiped out in an archiving disaster, but are slowly finding copies amidst our extensive drive collection and DVDs created in our usually stringent back-up measures. We have a new page just for photos and links to photo-hosting sites here

Poster Gallery Old

We have been gigging fairly regularly since 2003 and in that time have acquired quite a collection of gig posters. it made sense therefore that our new site had to have a gallery of these. We have a page dedicated to just that where you can see where we've been. here

Poster Gallery Future

These are posters we have pre-designed for possible future and upcoming gigs. They are all ficticious and have us playing with a series of make believe bands, like the Booger Nuggets. Check it out here

Band Poster Gallery

We have changed our line-up a LOT in the years since we have been around. In that time we have made a lot of band posters. We have a gallery of them here

Album Artwork Gallery

After eight albums and more on the drawing board we have a huge archive of album art. See some of it here