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The Rebel Wheel Lyrics

You can download all the lyrics for the songs here. Every now and them we've changed things here or there and even mispronounced a word or two, but mostly they are accurate. If all you want to do is read them without opening a pdf, then each album's page has them.

CD1 "The Rebel Wheel"

CD1 Lyrics

CD1 Page

CD2 "Diagramma"

CD2 Lyrics

CD2 Page

CD3 "We are in the Time of Evil Clocks"

CD3 Lyrics

CD3 Page

CD4 "Whore's Breakfast"

CD4 Lyrics

CD4 Page

CD5 "Filth Therapy"

CD5 Lyrics

CD5 Page

CD6 "3rd Wheel"

CD6 Lyrics

CD6 Page

CD7 "Five Epics"

CD7 Lyrics

CD7 Page

CD8 "Bag Of Snakes"

CD8 Lyrics

CD8 Page