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Rebel Wheel Gigs

This page has links to all the information anyone will ever need about our past, present and future gigs. We play out a LOT and we are constantly changing our set-list to incorporate our more popular tunes as well as the ones that live deep within the CDs. Right now we are just getting ready to gig as a three piece of bass, drums and guitar, but we will all have an ancilliary keyboard rig as well. We hope to be able to do the new songs we are writing for Simple Machines as well as some of the keyboard oriented ones we have let slide off the set-list. It is all very exciting.

Upcoming Gigs

Right now we are booking gisg for the new line-up. For more details, check our Upcoming Gigs page .

Past Gigs

We have done a lot of gigs since the band first played onstage at Mavericks back in 2004. While we don't have a record of each one, we do have a pretty good list of places we played since. Go to our past gig pages to see the history of our onstage appearances. more...

Gig Poster Gallery

We have another gallery collection to add to the group posters, photos and album artwork galleries, and this time it's the band's gig posters. Some of them are cool, a lot of them are goofy, but all of them were created by the band and a good portion of them have been collected. We also have a bunch pre-made for shows we haven't done yet. They are easy to spot as they usually have fictitous place-holder band, The Booger Nuggets, opening for us and are scheduled for Septober and the like more...

New Show

Our new trio is rife with keyboards as each member will double on one in addition to their primary instrument. We are leaner, meaner and a lot more machiner, than we were last time out. more....