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Download Page

From this page you can download pretty well everything we have available. We have musicial scores, lyrics, album art, press kits, EPKs, band posters, gig posters, reviews, and interviews.

Download Scores

We're a reading band and we have a ton of charts and scores available to download for free. Some are sketches with the barest amount of info; some are complete scores with pretty well every detail notated. Often due to the improvisational aspect of the band or just for the sake of keeping things fresh, the live versions of the tunes have been altered, sometimes dramatically, but the scores are an accurate view of the tunes that were recorded either as demos or as final versions. Check out the scores here

Download Lyrics

If you've ever wondered what the words of any of our tunes are, this page should help you out. We have downloadable pdfs of every song that has lyrics (not that many all things considered). If all you want to do is read the words and forego downloading, then go to the page associated with the CD in question and you'll be set up proper. Check out the lyrics here

Download Art

We have quite a bit of artwork on some of our albums, especially the Evil Clocks one, where we hired artist Francis Dupuis and licensed Socar Myles' work. As well we have all the stuff that didn't make it, the rough drafts and ideas for the next two albums (which are already written). So much art and so little space to put it. Check out the art here

Download Press Kit

We have an electronic press kit available (EPK) that includes a poster, a blurb, a stage plot and a selection of review high-lights.Check out the EPK here

Download Reviews

We have assembled a growing list of warm reviews. You can check them out and download a pdf of collected reviews here