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CD8 Bag Of Snakes

Bag Of Snakes has a twisty heritage. David had been playing in any number of Ottawa Valley folk bands, mainly as a result of having written songs for a very dear friend in the style they would appreciate. The popularity of the album took on a momentum that eventually had David playing folk-rock full-time and essentially abandoning the Rebel Wheel aesthetic.

Around the summer of 2017 David began yearning for a hard-edged sound again, and songs that had more meat on their bones. In 2018 after a very nasty East-Coast tour David opted out of any future folk-rock ensembles, finished the album and then released it on Bandcamp.

It sold very well right of the gates and garnered a lot of attention. It wasn't until a reviewer on you-tube compared it to Stone Temple Pilots meets Rush, did David realize he had essentially written another Rebel Wheel album. It then became incorporated into the Rebel Wheel canon. Given that the art was done by fellow prog artist, Lynette Shelley and the audience was much the same for the Whore's Breakfast album, it made sense to consider it CD8. Contractual obligations and publishing being what they are the actual band, Bag Of Snakes, still exists with its own Bandcamp page. The players however are actually The Rebel Wheel version 8 (RWV8) so it all makes a perfect circle.

This album has been released in a digital version at the Rebel Wheel online store and at Germany's Rostfrei Records but the CD version can still be had at Bag Of Snakes online store.

The band:

David Campbell : guitars, vocals.

Andrew Burns : bass.

Alex Wickham : drums and percussion.

Album Tracks

Bottle Of Wine

Based around a strong riff using the EHX Ring Thing (in 8va mode), this song was David's return to hard rocking riff tunes. It goes between a straight 4 on the floor beat to an equally strong quarter note pulse in 3/4 for the chorus. It has gone over incredibly well live and is a favorite of the band's new set-list.

Tattered Gown

Verging on a punk aesthetic (Should I Stay Or Should I Go?) this song was recorded live off the floor. The chorus features the EHX Ring THing again, this time using the ring modulator setting (a sound the Rebel Wheel has incorporated over the years using Fairfield, Moog and earlier EHX models). The song chugs alomng quite nicel and is as far fromn the symphonic prog ideal as the band has ever gone.

In Spite Of It

A 6/8 groove with loud guitars, psychedelic lyrics and a long guitar solo section, this rocker starts taking the album closer and closer to a Prog vibe. It is a fun tune to play and while basically straigh-ahead, has some moments of angularity. Angulat Garage Rock, was another term bandied about by reviewers (an apt one)

Two Car Garage Baby

Punky, aggressive and with a strong anthemic chorus, this song deals with those people who trade ephemeral material advantage over anything of artistic merit. Rednecks abound in David's area and while they very seldom have any real clash, at times it is impossible to understand how side by sides, 4x4s and big screen TVs have such an important place in the world. Like the preceding track ther are some interjections of prog angularity.

No Free Ride

The Rebel Wheel has been playing this Synics tune for years. It is in 6/4 with 5/4 and 7/4 chunks at the chorus. The band finally recorded it. This inclusion of this piece is another strong arguement as to why this is the "missing" Rebel Wheel album.

Bad Bad Place

Hard rock 5/4 stuff....getting proggier yet (but not in anyway Symphonic-y)

This Redneck Town

The title says it all. Not proggy in any way but a fun driving tune.

Five Hounds

Folk meets Prog. Folk-Prog? Whatever. This song uses the same themes as Bad Bad Place in a different stylistic context.

This album, along with all their others, is for sale at the The Rebel Wheel online store. It is also available at Germany's Rostfrei Records , along with their entire catalog.