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CD7 Five Epics

Five Epics is a compilation album of epic tracks the band has relased officially and unofficially. It contains tracks from the first four CDs as well as one (North By Northwest) from the digital only relase, 3rd Wheel (the tracks that didn't fit).

This album has been released in a digital version only and is available at the Rebel Wheel online store and at Germany's Rostfrei Records .

Album Tracks

The Crystal Rain Suite

The piece that started it all for the band. Originally conceived in 2002-3 after a serious health issue that necessitated some life-style choices, Crystal Rain Suite grew from several pieces written over the course of a few decades. Some of the pieces ("Brothers", "DV82XL") were part of The Synics 1st album (in a different form) while others ("Whore's Breakfast" and "The Itch") were written for a jazz-fusion ensemble called Cold Fusion. The sound design and slow acoustic piece were freshly written for the suite itself and it was during the production that David decided to form a full-time working band to perform the album.

Diagramma Suite

At this point the band was (as always seems to be the case) in transistion and David decided to re-group and build on the overwhelming interest the first album had surprisingly received. The suite here grew organically from the opening 7/8 riff and refers to several core themes varied endlessly. The only pre-existing piece incorporated into the suite was "King Of Mice" based on John Irving's "Hotel New Hampshire". A favorite of many fans, this piece exemplifies the band's sound using as it does, modern (well at least modern when the song was produced) electronic elements with traditional prog sonics and a modern compositional approach.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

This piece, although hard-rocking in nature, is actually written in a symphonic form. There are four basic movements (Discoverie 1,2,3&4), where 1 and 2 are Sonata-Allegro forms, 3 a scherzo and 4 a Rondo. They are all based on 12 tone rows transposed to a common note (F#) and have endless variation machinations applied through-out. The other pieces (Hags 1,2&3), are very tonal pastroal acoustci pieces all with a common key center (D). The suite then becomes a seven movement symphony constantly altering between atonal 12-tone movements and strongly tonal diatonic intermissions.

Whore's Breakfast Suite

AThis piece is a edit of two seperate Rebel Wheel tracks recorded 10 years apart. The first was taken from Crystal rain Suite, although was originally written in 1978 for orchestra and placed bodily into the 1st Rebel Wheel album. The second part was written specifically for Whore's Breakfast and uses themes from the first in retrograde and inverted forms.

North By Northwest

At one point Marco from the Decammaron project asked me to get involved in a new CD he was working on featuring movies by Hitchcock. I immediately chose North By Northwest and wrote a vocal oriented piece of Symph Prog. The project fell through and it was decided to release it with 3rd wheel and again here./p>

This album, along with all their others, is for sale at the The Rebel Wheel online store. It is also available at Germany's Rostfrei Records , along with their entire catalog.