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CD6 3RD Wheel

Third Wheel contains some songs that, for one reason or another, didn't make it on to the albums for which they were originally recorded. Northern Fields was recorded for album 1, Five Dials for Evil Clocks, Crawlers for Diagramma, and North By Northwest for Whore's Breakfast. The album also contains songs that were released on out of print compilation albums. Acquiring Glass Friends was for the first Gorgg release, Death At Sea for the second, and Cross-Eyed Mary, was for 10-T's cover tune album where each band on their label released a cover tune of their choice.

This album has been released in a digital version only and is available at the Rebel Wheel online store and at Germany's Rostfrei Records .

To download a pdf of CD2 lyrics go here or scroll down this page.

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Album Tracks

North By NorthWest

This is a piece inspired by Hitchcock's North by Northwest. Written and recorded in the summer of 2013, it was too sweet for the Whore's Breakfast album and too atypically vocal heavy for a whole album of similar pieces. It is more symphonic and less dissonant than usual and although a late-comer to the "canon", something that is representative of the band's early stuff.

Acquiring Glass Friends

Originally written for a GORGG group CD comp (a serious Gentle Giant fan club) this track features a lot of the hallmarks of their style; odd meters, 12 tone writing (well not necessarily their mandate but the tonality or lack thereof is Gentle Giant-ish), clav, counterpoint, violin, bluesy hard-rocking guitar, and a lot of riffs. The tone row in the middle section of this piece is also used in Crawlers as a main riff.


A twelve tone extravaganza, this track features shifting meters and a series of tone rows. It's aggressive and complicated like a lot of Rebel Wheel stuff but the band could never find an album where it fit so, like the other 3rd Wheel tunes, it gets to go here. The main riff in this piece is also the riff used in the middle section of Acquiring Glass Friends so there is some commonality among the tunes.

Death At Sea

Another GORGG track, only this time not something trying to sound like Gentle Giant, rather something that would rub shoulders with them not too uncomfortably. The melody sounds Naima-ish and the drums sit nicely with the bass.

Five Dials

A track that never made it to the Evil Clocks album but one the band played live a few times. It is chock full of time shifts and twists and was inspired by the book The Face in the Frost, by John Bellairs.

Northern Fields

From David's blog...."I recorded this in 2004, immediately after the first CD began getting a lot of attention. By the time I had finished it I had a full-time working band and no-one in it liked it enough to want to learn it (or to be fair, they felt other material to be more in keeping with their idea of the band). I have always liked it though, especially how the theme returns in a new key at the end and the line "can you even remember, the things you said to me?" which is something I silently ask of a lot of people. The first part ("Your Kitchen") was a piece I wrote in Toronto in 1991and was intended for a band I was in called Crazy in the City, but they didn't like it very much either. I always wanted to do it though and this seemed the perfect time. There is a little guitar phrase at the end of each lyric line in the verse that was quoted in NxNW quite a bit, giving some kind of continuity to this "3rd Wheel" release. The Northern Fields part has some nice piano playing in it. I practiced piano a lot back then (and vibes when I actually owned some); I doubt I could play any of those parts now! The McNalley's Rant part is another Toronto song this time written for another band I was in called The Barbara Lynch Band. It wasn't much preferred either. It is about a homeless Nova Scotia native.

Cross-Eyed Mary

This cover of one of the band's favourite tunes was originally released on 10-T's Under Cover project. Aaron and David tracked the drums and bass it live-off-the-floor and then Angie and David overdubbed the other parts. With the five part sax outro, the ending emulates a proggy big-band. The band borrowed the main riffs from "Up To Me" and "Aqualung" and altered the "Cross-Eyed" riff quite a few times though-out.

This album, along with all their others, is for sale at the The Rebel Wheel online store. It is also available at Germany's Rostfrei Records , along with their entire catalog.

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Album Art

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CD6 3rd Wheel Lyrics

North By Northwest

Waiting for a chance (waiting for a chance)

and in the daylight waning (to win your heart or soul)

loss or gain I'm waiting in the strange (waiting in the strange)

silence that still surrounds you sounds too quiet to change

(silence of your soul)

I run from the hounds (I run from the hounds)

mystery chases me and runs me into (the selling of your soul)

grounded by the light (grounded by the light) shines in your eyes and maybe

I'll rest for the night. (Your sheltering heart)

Your heart beside me, softly beats beside me.

Waiting in the dark, (waiting in the dark)

taking too long to see the truth of me and (truth of) her life in my heart

something that softly grows and grows into the better part of me

Your heart inside me, softly beats inside me

I chase after her, mountains and depths of feeling, reeling into the

dark and silent night fails and sunrise

pulling her into my arms into my heart and into my life