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CD4 Whore's Breakfast

Whore's Breakfast is a concept album, a seedy gritty city album, an album about love, excess, obsessions and substance abuse, an album about coffee and cigarettes and self-destructive denizens of the outer fringes of the art scene and the drug world. It is a very personal reflection and confessional of a long-time substance abuser.

Based around the core sound of guitar bass and drums Whore's Breakfast takes a decidedly punk attitude towards prog and jazz. The sound is relentless but is tempered with the softer contrasts of five-part vocal harmonies, chord solo jazz guitar pieces and a myriad of keyboard textures, all of which serve to create dramatic contrasts and some moments of peaceful illuminated clarity against the otherwise sweaty frenetic head-trip.

The album originally had the working band planned to record, but with the death of keyboardist Guy LeBlance, the band took a hiatus. David then recorded a series of life-reflecting songs. When he was done he realized he had recorded yet another Rebel Wheel album. This then is the first album The Rebel Wheel has done that is essentially a solo album.

This is the first album released with Germany's Rostfrei Records and clearly shows the evolution of their sound as they stumble closer and closer to a hard-core punk-jazz approach.

The CD is out of print but the digital version of album is available at the the Rebel Wheel online store and at Germany's Rostfrei Records .

Album Tracks

Cousin Rachel

A jazz chord solo dedicated to a very dear friend who has walked similar paths only to end up with me in some field in the country-side watching falling stars together.

Five and Dime

This song has a Crimson-eque Neurotica feel incorporating fast walking bass lines and aggressive angular riffs. It, like most of the album is about drugs and the seedier side of life. This tune probably has more meter shifts than any other Rebel Wheel tune.

Insecticide Part One

A straight ahead rocker, this tune is about another Whore's Breakfast theme: lost love.


Based on Gabriel García Márquez' book, "Love In The Time Of Chorlera", this song fuses the two central thems of the album (drug addiction and lost love) into one spectacular 5/4 outing.

Insecticide Part Two

An aggressive instrumental to begin with, the odd-meter frenzy mellows out towards the end and a song to a lost friend emerges. The melody is doubled by a bass guitar against quickly arpeggiated dissonant chords.

Watching Kathy Dance

Another jazz guitar chord solo dating from 1981. It is a simple observation that amid the all the frenzy of drug-use, sometimes the only oasis is to watch a pretty woman dance alone to a song she might only hear herself.

Satori In Bayshore

The opening five-part vocals are definitely inspired by The PepTides (a band David played with for years and where he met bassist Andrew Burns and drummer Alex Wickham). The keyboard solo in the middle section was the only track Guy was well enough to play on.

Dream Of Stones

Taken from T.H.White's "The One and Future King", this tune features a relentless 7/8 hard edged groove, one which drummer Alex Wickham has nailed to perfection

An Infinity of Mirrors

Back in 1980 David recorded an all-night jam where he and lots of illicit substances spent the night together alone with his band's gear. It was a heavenly experience and one that shaped his musical path. This song is teh re-telling of that night with totally improvised drums (two parts no less) two basses and two guitars. It segues in and out of a tune written in 1981 based on Steppenwolf's Haller who always knew where the razor was kept.

Whore's Breakfast Part 2

Whore's Breakfast was a piece David wrote in a hotel room in Brockville Onatrio back in 1982. Returning from two years in British Columbia, David was writing symphonic material but unable to have his ideas realized by a 64 piece orchestra, he elected instead to consume copious amounts of illict substances and play his ratty old acoustic guitar. This part is the second of the two he wrote back then. The first was featured in the Rebel Wheel debut CD as the first instrumental section of Crystal Rain Suite.

The Reward Of Sisyphus

Back in 1981 David's friend Bill Greer loaned him his 1959 Telecastor. This song was the result and is decidedly the most straight ahead rocker The Rebel Wheel has ever done. The lyrics were written in 1979 during David's Vancouver stint with the punk-jazz ensemble 3C-236. The bridge music and lyrics were written in 2013 and are further portraits of the subject of track one. It and Insecticide One sound like Bag Of Snakes era Rebel Wheel.

Whore's Breakfast

An edit of both parts of Whore's Breakfast melded together for the first time.