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About The Rebel Wheel

Steeped in dark cinematic soundscapes and complex, turn-on-a-dime arrangements, The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of rock aggression, complex compositions and unpredictable odd-meter vamps. Originally formed in 1991 as a fusion-based midi ensemble, the floating lineup has gradually focused on a modern, more performance-oriented, genre-blending Prog.

While over the years The Rebel Wheel has experimented with more modern midi-percussion elements and loops, and has embraced digital technology, their core sound is based on the dynamic interaction of real players and real instruments. At times large and dissonant, at other times lyrical and direct, the ensemble features strong playing, unique arrangements, unexpected sonics and a self-contained compositional symmetry.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the current core of The Rebel Wheel consists of leader David Campbell on guitars and vocals, Alex Wickham on drums and Andrew Burns on bass. In addition to the band's core sound, various members from local groups are often called upon to fill out the line-up. These special guests include PepTide members Scott Irving on keyboards, and vocalists Dee-Dee Butters, Becky Abbot, Oly Pruchnicky.

The Ever Changing Member List

The band changes members often. People come and people go, but every incarnation of the band reveals another aspect of the sound and each member over the years has made the band stronger and more experienced. We have a made a collection of bios for most of the members and a rough timeline as to when they were in the band. more...