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Welcome to The Rebel Wheel Headquarters

We have a ton of stuff of this site; news, reviews, music, art, information and probably more details about the band and its music than anyone could possibly want. After an online hiatus, we are back in the thick of things with a venegence. You can navigate to any section and get more details but this page acts as an active overview of the band and we tend to post new info here all the time. For instance we now are offering a....

Free Download!

Right now we are offering a free download of Whore's Breakfast for every new member of our notorious e-mail list. Just sign up Here! .

Rebel Wheel V8

The Rebel Wheel is returning with a brand new line-up. David, along with alumni Andrew Burns , have drafted PepTide, Rapids, Bag Of Snakes, wunderkid, Alex Wickham to join a new, power trio version of the band. The band is dusting off some old favourites, some side project stuff and is writing new tunes for their next release.....

Simple Machines

The Rebel Wheel is currently recording a new album, "Simple Machines".

Simple Machines is the latest CD in the works. So far the songs are based around a power trio sound with the inclusion of keyboards. Of course that's what is happening NOW. As it develops it will probably change radically.... more

Bag Of Snakes

The Rebel Wheel is now selling their latest album, "Bag Of Snakes"

Bag of Snakes originally was a side project David started to play more harder edged music than the bands he was currently in, all of whom had great members and songs, but didn't have the edge he was longing. So he assembled a band consisting of Alex Wickham and Andrew Burns and called the band and the album Bag Of Snakes. As rehearsals progressed for the supporting gigs more and more Rebel Wheel material started seeping in until a year later, as David decided to re-start Rebel Wheel and asked both guys to join, it became obvious that the side project was really just another Rebel Wheel album so has been swallowed (tail and all) into the Rebel Wheel canon. Because of contracts and legal considerations it is still for sale at its own Bag Of Snakes page but can also be had at The Rebel Wheel online store..

Featured Video "Tempra"

A trio format of The Rebel Wheel featuring long-standing member Aaron Clark on drums and the amazing Guy Dagenais on bass. This video was filmed by Mark Keill and was taken at a mid-week gig at Zaphod's in the winter of 2010. more...